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In partnership with The Department of Tourism and Culture, The province of New Brunswick, and CTV (Bell media), we have produced 18 High-Definition, 30-minute episodes of "The New Brunswick Adventures"  

This series aired for millions of viewers over two years throughout North and South America on Discovery Channel, CTV, and Travel & Escape.

It has also aired for 10 years with Rogers television, New Brunswick.

Presently, Ferguson Audio is now in a new contract to film more episodes and "b roll" material for Tourism New Brunswick.

The Fishing Musicians is the brain child of Glen Ferguson.

Glen is an avid outdoors enthusiast – so he decided to combine his love of the outdoors, fishing,  travel and his technical abilities to create The Fishing Musicians.

The series has been shot in 13 countries, 55 episodes , some countries multiple times.

It has aired on television throughout South and North America. At one point, it was airing in every state and province in North America and even in the Carribean on a daily basis.

Broadcasters include - WILD TV Canada, Sportsman Channel -USA, NTV (Newfoundland television, TBTV (Thunderbay television), Lloydminster television - Alberta CTV, Rogers Television New Brunswick

The Fishing Musicians is the longest running active produced television series in the province of New Brunswick.

It has been airing since 2003. The Fishing Musicians currently is airing on Rogers Television , New Brunswick.

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