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Starting a radio station ? We can help. 

Are you interested in starting a radio station? Have you received a license to broadcast? 

Either way, we can help and we can travel anywhere on the planet.

With our own license to broadcast through the Federal Government of Canada agencies, CRTC (Canadian radio and Television Corporation) and Industry Canada, we have gone through the entire process of acquiring these licenses and we understand what it takes. located in Bathurst, New Brunswick, Canada is on 103.3 FM CJUJ. 

Officially on air in May 2014, Phantom FM is one of Canada's foremost community radio station.

Phantom FM utilizes the most up to date, state of the art technology while ensuring our administration infrastructure is as up to date in every aspect as well. Ground breaking efficiency on all levels ensure a very successful radio station.

From A to Z, we can assist you in the entire process.

Clients that require a complete radio station infrastructure to be set up can count on Ferguson Audio's experienced team to take your idea from conception to full broadcast.

Starting a radio station is not an easy task by any means. To commission and operate a successful on air enterprise requires  knowledge of an overwhelming  mountain of details that you must be aware of, both in the technical and administration aspects.

Broadcasting and outputting audio through an antenna is actually one of the easiest of all details.

To operate and maintain successful radio operations, it's far easier to allow a consulting firm to help you set up your entire radio station's platform. 

We understand the importance and the challenges involved, we have first hand experience.

Ferguson Audio Productions created Phantom FM, from conception (application stage) to present day successful daily on air operations.

We can assist in all aspects, not only can we help, we can set your entire radio up and do it at an extremely low cost, in an efficient and effective package. 


You can try to do it on your own, spending an endless amount of time figuring technical hardware/software issues, on air traffic and scheduling, business operations and set up, sales packages etc.... or, you can hire us, using our template.

Instead of troubleshooting through stressful scenarios and wasting valuable time, money and perhaps losing advertisers as a result of being off air and not knowing how fix the issue. Start off with a stress free scenario, take that time to create quality on air content and attract advertisers. Making money instead of losing it.


We can package an entire Radio station for you and perform the following tasks! 

  • Initial applications phase

  • Acquisition of software/hardware infrastructure. Includes Antenna/transmitter acquisition, radio engineering brief and analyses. Computer and studio set up, software set up. Let us find you all the right equipment and software needed.

  • Corporate  set up which includes : administration structure, sales platform, social media platforms, book keeping, staff and volunteer management.

  • On air hardware set up - includes Antenna/transmitter installation, on air and production studio set up.       ( we can outfit your operation with the required hardware to fit your license guidelines and requirements - 50 watts to 50,000)

  • On air software set up - including live on air set up, on air automated software set up, radio advertising traffic scheduling, on air show scheduling , live stream broadcasting, talent and show acquisition. Day to day on air scheduling template.

  • Training in all aspects of production (audio recording, export, delivery on air etc) , utilization and knowledge based training on all software and hardware operations. We will train you in commercial production, how to acquire voice talent, 24 hour on air scheduling, script writing.

  • Training in all aspects of office management and daily operations.

  • Online storage platform creation for administration filing, on air filing system for voice talent and clients audio access point.

  • Creation of social media platforms, web site, station logo.

  • Station id's and on air branding

  • Installation of point to point WIFI bridge to Send one internet connection through out your region. Multiple locations up to 50 miles or more. We create your own network, one internet payment being sent to multiple locations if required.

  • 24 hour technical support with cloud-based remote connectivity services for collaboration, IT management and customer engagement. Teach you how to control your station from any where in the world. We can also have access to rectify any technical software issues.

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