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Podcast - social media and television mixing/mastering

We have a team of professional audio mixers/engineers.

Glen Ferguson has mixed audio for hundreds of television shows, documentaries social media and industrial videos. 

It seems most of the modern You tube bloggers and productions happening these days are evolving in an unprecedented fashion. The video quality, editing, music and over all production is improving and quickly. thing we have noticed, the audio mixing is not improving at near the pace. 

The reason being is that the audio portion of any production takes a specific knowledge and is a totally different skill set.

We don't mean aligning music, voice segments as for the most part many of the trending You tube productions are getting better at this element.

Your production could jump leaps and bounds by having us "mix/master" your audio files. 

Having a polished master audio track with all its included audio files mixed, faded, proper compression and equalization, sound effects etc. can drastically improve the production value and professionalism of the product.

You can deliver your compressed mp-4 completed video file and separated audio files to us. Export your MXF, OMF etc. audio files, we sync, edit the audio, mix and master to final stereo .wav or .mp 3. and deliver it back to you. You import just your completed video track and slide our polished version under neath. Compare the difference if you like, you will notice a difference right from the start.

We also have access to a full music/sound effects licensed  supplier in which if we become part of the production, with credits we will be authorized to use the musicsound effects.

Try us out, we are very flexible and deliver on time!

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